Terms and Conditions

Why Early Bird Offers

This year, we not only lowered prices but we are introducing early bird packages with further substantial discounts. Furthermore, you will help us plan your graduation ceremony and provide you with better service.

You still can book and order your photos or other services we offer, after your graduation ceremony, yet these offers and savings which these packages offer will only be available up till the 15th of October.

All package holders will benefit from a further 5% discount on all re-prints not included in the package.

General Info:

Packages will be available only up till the 15th October

Bookings on packages are non-refundable.

You can also order these packages at MUHC

What happens if I order the packages now?

You can book one of the packages as soon as they are uploaded on our website. You can alternatively visit our studios, at 266 Canon Road Santa Venera. Once order and payment is confirmed, we will send you an email confirming your order. Closer to date of ceremony (approximately two weeks before) we will contact you with detailed instructions of your order especially for the on campus photoshoot. After the graduation ceremony, photos will be uploaded and after you register and login on website, the website itself will guide you through to select your photos and other items within the package.



  1. We will have a number of studios available at the same venue of ceremony
  2. Those who book through the early bird offers will receive an email closer to the date with the time range the studios will be available on the day of the ceremony.
  3. Relatives and friends are welcome to join the photoshoot.
  4. We aim to provide you between 20 to 25 photos within this photoshoot
  5. If you come before graduation ceremony, we will give you a dummy scroll to take photos with.
  6. Those who avail themselves of the early bird offer, apart from substantial savings and other benefits, will be given a faster track for photoshoot. 
  7. Although we offer a fast track service due to the nature of the event we are unable to offer fixed appointment for each photoshoot, so if you plan early, you could possibly experience less waiting time
  8. All Photos for photoshoot (only) will be given in high res digital format without logos. Packages include the opportunity to print some of your favourite photos from that shoot, or any other photo taken on the special day

Official Photo:

The official university portrait photo taken with the scroll after you just have graduated

For Package holders only, we are offering a low res digital official photo which can be uploaded on social media without any logos

Hand Shake Photo

The Photo when you are being handed the graduation certificate on stage

Canvas Print (Package 2)

This is an enlargement of the official photo printed on high quality Canvas. The size is 24 by 20 inches (61 by 51 cm) and no frame is required for such print since canvas is stretched over a wooden frame 30 mm thick.

We can print also on other media, such as glass, foam board, aluminium etc. If you prefer to have your photo/s printed on some other media or different sizes, speak to us and we can accommodate your preferred printing medium instead of canvas. Prices might vary.

Framed Official Photos (Package 3)

You can opt to enlarge your official photo and frame it. There is a wide selection of wooden frames available, namely Gold, Black and Rustic, Mahogany with Golden Edge and Silver.

Mount is available in Green or Ivory (Foil blocked with University coat of Arms)

You do not need to choose style of frame when you order your package. After our photos are uploaded following the ceremony, our website will guide you accordingly. Demos of frames and mounts online, will help you to select accordingly.

The photo will be of 16 by 24 inches (40.6 by 61 cm), hence the frame will be of a larger size than that due to mount surrounding photo.


Some packages will also save you the need to call at our studios. Instead we will deliver all items ordered to your home free of charge. For Gozo deliveries please allow 3 -4 days extra.

Can my photos be edited? We do our best to take the photo as correct as possible on the spot. should you require some editing on the photos , do not hesitate to contact us. A minimum charge of 10 eur applies depending on the amount of editing required. A quote will be issued if extensive editing is required.